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Products :

19th century style lamps – type A

*Product presentations are for illustrative purposes only. The products are manufactured to individual order.

The most popular, classic lanterns in the Art Metal range.
This is a timeless design of aluminium poles, arms and lanterns that will effectively illuminate not only historic surroundings but also modern buildings.


Classic illuminations are the most popular in our range. This is a timeless form of metal poles, arms and lanterns, which will efficiently illuminate not only historic surroundings, but also modern objects. Our offer is wide and includes, among other things, vintage lanterns, which we can make according to your design - these illuminations can be very simple, minimalist (ideal for illuminating urban buildings), as well as retro with richly decorated crowns and booms - these, in turn, can successfully illuminate private properties and beautiful gardens.

Perfectly crafted style lamps

When providing our manufacturing services, we focus not only on impeccable design, but also on the excellent quality of the garden products we offer, whether modern or retro styled. We make sure that the decorative lanterns coming out of our studio are durable and weatherproof, and that the best materials are used to ensure the above qualities.

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