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      F.P.H. Art Metal Sp.j.

      Address: 124 Jabloniowa st.,
      83-331 Lapino Kartuskie

      Tax no.: PL5891592239

      Phone: +48 58 681 80 78, +48 58 681 80 65 65
      Mobile: +48 538 99 77 22
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      E-mail: info@art-metal.pl

      Opening hours: From Monday to Friday 07:30-15:30

      F.P.H. Art Metal Sp.j.
      Trade Department Warsaw

      Address: 6 Przemyslowa st. ,
      05-082 Blizne Laszczynskiego (Warszawa)

      Phone: +48 22 487 52 07

      E-mail: warszawa@art-metal.pl

      Opening hours: From Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00

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