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Products :


*Product presentations are for illustrative purposes only. The products are manufactured to individual order.

The décor of the garden is an important part of every home. In this green place we often take a break from everyday life. A gazebo combines functionality and good looks. Our qualified specialists have prepared solutions that will work perfectly in your garden. The material used guarantees incredible unbelievable durability and thus a long service life of the entire structure.

They are unique, delightfully ornamental and also work perfectly in parks, as well as wherever the design of the space requires uncommon solutions. Our exclusive gazebos and pergolas are elements of landscape architecture that cannot be ignored. They are made of steel and aluminium, and are characterised by outstanding visual qualities, excellent technical parameters and resistance to adverse factors. This is a solution that is sure to appeal to those who appreciate classic design and subtle beauty, so it is worth including it in your plans!

Exclusive garden gazebos and metal pergolas

We make beautiful and functional gazebos to enhance the surroundings of your park, garden, hotel or home. They are products that blend in perfectly with the greenery and provide ideal support for climbing plants, such as roses, honeysuckles or clematis. Although characterised by their finesse of workmanship, they stand out for their durability, weather resistance and stability, providing a cosy and intimate space to spend time outdoors. In addition, in the case of our exclusive garden gazebos, the canopy is perfect in its role, protecting from both unexpected rainfall and strong sun. The metal pergola proposed in the catalogue will make it possible to create a mysterious, very attractive space arrangement in any garden or park.

The most beautiful garden arbours from Art Metal

For years, our speciality has been exclusive garden gazebos made of steel and aluminium. Many years of experience and knowledge of the market are the assets thanks to which we are able to present exactly the solutions our customers are looking for. That is why the proposals presented in this category are only illustrative. On request, we adjust the designs to individual customer expectations. We invite you to contact us and place an order for the most beautiful gazebos and more.

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