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Park lanterns – how do you illuminate green spaces effectively?

Park lanterns – how do you illuminate green spaces effectively?

Parks and green spaces look fantastic in the sunshine. But how can they retain their charm even after dark? The answer is to choose the right garden and park lighting, which accentuates the chosen areas and objects and at the same time allows visitors to take evening walks. In the Art Metal product catalogue, we have various proposals for stylish lanterns that are perfect for both intimate parks and large gardens.

What should the park lighting be like?

Above all, the colour of the light emitted by the lanterns plays a huge role. In city parks and gardens belonging to commercial premises, lighting with a warm temperature is best. You can go for light sources in the 2700-3400 kelvin range – the higher the number, the closer it will be to neutral and cold colours. This temperature helps to create an atmospheric ambience and promotes relaxation, which is exactly the effect we are looking for in parks and gardens. In urban areas, there is also a preference for park lanterns that emit neutral light – around 3400-5300 kelvin. This allows the natural colours of objects to be maintained after dark.

Direction of light in the park

What else is worth paying attention to when choosing park lamps? The direction of the incident light is not insignificant. The question that needs to be answered is what is actually to be illuminated in the garden. Lanterns placed along paths and walkways should primarily increase visibility along the path itself. If other objects are to be illuminated – old trees or monuments in the park, for example – the light beam should also accentuate them. It is advisable to avoid lanterns with a design that causes excessive light to “escape” upwards. This is not very practical and can also make it difficult to see the sky.

Stylised park lanterns

Taking all of this into account, you might assume that choosing the right park or garden lighting is very difficult. However, this is not true – different types of lanterns work well in green areas. It is worth betting on decorative structures, stylistically reminiscent of those from the 19th century. The stately pedestals and decorative arms add to the beauty of a green space. After all, aesthetics should be maintained both during the day and after dark. Park and garden lamps need to be appropriately positioned, as well as consistent with other landscaping elements decorating green spaces.

Lanterns from the Art Metal catalogue

Well-chosen lighting creates the atmosphere and ambience of a place. We invite you to check out the garden and park lanterns from the Art Metal catalogue – there are numerous proposals that can be matched to the character of the space to be illuminated. There are many stylish energy-saving lanterns, perfect for larger lighting systems and with luminaire designs that allow the light beam to be directed downwards and sideways.

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